Hotel Dania and Silkeborg belong together

Silkeborg is one of Denmark's most beautifully situated towns and in particular there are two buildings that have more than anything else left their mark on the city. One is the old paper factory that Michael Drewsen founded in 1844 and which the city grew up around. The second is Hotel Dania, which was founded on 17. June 1848 by guest Jens Heegaard Mikkelsen Grabow and wife Katrine. After the guest Jens Heegaard Mikkelsen Grabow and wife, Katrines, dead in 1876, Hotel Dania has had 5 different owners until 1960 where Ellen and Eduard Jørgensen bought Hotel Dania. Since then, the hotel has been in family ownership.

The paper mill is closed today. By contrast, Hotel Dania, with its 165 years, has followed the development, and today is more than ever ready to satisfy the most discerning guest from near and far.

Hotel Dania's well-known guests

Authors, internationally renowned painters, Danish actors and politicians have over the years stayed and eaten at the hotel. Our everyone's HC Andersen, together with The Royal Theatre's big diva Johanne Louise Heiberg, has several times taken the long trip from Copenhagen to Silkeborg and of course stayed at Hotel Dania. In one of her letters to her friend AF Krieger, she praised both the comfort and reception of the rooms.

Silkeborg grew around Hotel Dania

Silkeborg grew around Hotel Dania and Dania quickly became the place where people met. Over the years, many famous people have visited Silkeborg and with or without official reception at the city hall, everyone in each way has benefited and enjoyed Hotel Dania's unique framework and service.

Tourism was also of great importance to Silkeborg. In 1861, "Hjejlen" began to sail on Silkeborgsøerne. In 1859, the poet HC Andersen visited Michael Drewsen and was captivated by Silkeborg's beautiful nature and in the poem "Jylland between two seas", Andersen described the lakes and forests around Silkeborg as;
"Highland with forestry".

Central location in the middle of the square

Today, the four-star Hotel Dania is more than just a hotel. It is an experience with sights, culture, shopping and nature right outside the door. The hotel provides the perfect setting for meetings, conferences as well as weddings, confirmations, christenings and birthdays - and not least for individual stays for the busy business guest.