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Silkeborg is one of Denmark's youngest cities – and one of the most beautiful. The town is surrounded by forests and lakes and the blue ribbon of the Gudenå River. The world’s oldest steamship lies in the harbour ready to carry tourists to "Himmelbjerget" or to one of the beautiful lakes that lie nearby like a string of pearls. The old paddle steamer is just one of the major attractions that persuades visitors from around the world to choose Silkeborg for short and long breaks alike.

tollundSilkeborg Museum is home to the Tollund Man, an internationally renowned treasure where visitors come face to face with their past and can marvel at the well-preserved bog body, which is over 2000 years old.


Culture is particularly important in Silkeborg. This beautiful area has always attracted artists and many have settled in the area. This has helped to make Silkeborg a vibrant and inspiring cultural city.


Asger Jorn is the city's best-known artist internationally and his works can be seen at Museum Jorn along with the works of other COBRA artists donated by Jorn to the museum. The Silkeborg Bad Art Centre, which is housed in an old health resort, presents various temporary exhibitions against a beautiful backdrop of nature and it is a living link to Silkeborg's spa town past.

Silkeborg has brought nature into the cityscape. The town is about culture and experience, commerce and cafés, it is a barrage of the senses and the atmosphere of the Square is a quite unique atmosphere. Here you will find the old town hall and it is also where you will find Hotel Dania, a beautiful building that simultaneously represents the vibrancy of the present and a respect for the past.


Events i Silkeborg

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Art in Silkeborg

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»  Silkeborg Bad Art Centre
»  Silkeborg Museum

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