The history of a town and a hotel...

Hotel Dania and Silkeborg have grown up together. The new town of Silkeborg was barely out of the starting blocks when in 1848 innkeeper Jens Heegaard Grabow founded Hotel Dania on the Square. Just four years earlier, paper manufacturer Michael Drewsen had set the large flywheel of the paper factory in motion and thus started the town's development.

The poet and author Hans Christian Andersen was one of many who were fascinated by the
development of the new town, and he was among the first guests at Hotel Dania. This was where the town's visitors stayed and where important decisions were made.

When the Steamship Company Hjejlen A/S was founded, the event took place at Hotel Dania, and every year since 1860 the company behind the old paddle steamer has held its meetings at the hotel. This is just one of many traditions that have endured and evolved.

The many artists, writers, politicians and royal personages who have visited the hotel over the
years have left their mark here, and names such as Hans Christian Andersen, Herman Bang, Asger Jorn, Jørgen Nash, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik can be seen on the doors of the rooms.

Hotel Dania houses a large part of the town's history within its walls. It is the town's hotel: it
has always been there and is now the town's oldest business. It is a commitment. The hotel is
continually renovated and modernized, but this has been done with respect for the building's soul, so that the completely unique charm and atmosphere can live on into the next era with its new needs and requirements.


H.C. Andersen on the frontier town of Silkeborg


"It is three years since I was in Silkeborg, and at that time I counted 35 houses, now it is certain
that there are more than three times that number. Whole streets have risen up out of nothing and
it is now a fully-formed town.

The impression here is of the frontier towns in America, how they shoot up, and it must gladden
Drewsen's heart to see his Company rewarded in the same way.

The Guden River had spilled its waters for thousands of years here when Drewsen built his factory,
one large dwelling house and one smaller one, and from that time a whole town has arisen with
straight streets, fashionable boutiques, craftsmen, an inn, and a "Hotel Dania".”


H.C. Andersen in a letter to Henriette Wulff,
sent from Silkeborg on 30th June, 1853

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